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Welcome to our websites. Our company offers you traditional czech crystal products. Ordering is very simple and quick. In case of any questions, please don't hesitate and contact us on: info@ecrystal.cz

Choosing your chandelier

  • How to choose right dimensions of my chandelier?

At the very beginning, we simply recommend you to take dimensions of your room and use this calculation. For example when your room’s dimensions are 3,5 m x 4,5 m, we would recommend you aproximatelly 70 cm wide chandelier. But there are some standpoints that impress the width too. When your room is quite constrained e.g. by furniture, we would recommend to choose smaller chandelier and on another side when it’s free and opened, don’t hesitate to choose bigger dimensions for your crystal lighting.

Remember, that the higher ceiling you have the smaller appearance of your hanged chandelier is. In that case, we recommend to buy longer hanging chains for higher ceilings. In case of lower ceiling, or if it is necessary to walk under your chandelier, we can offer you smaller hanging chain too.

In whatever case, we will be pleasured to help you with your choice of the right crystal chandelier for you. Don't forget to visit our chandeliers catalog.

  • How high should I hang my chandelier?

Interior designers say that there is nothing worse than hanging your chandelier too high. But it depends on your taste and balance too. Don’t forget to have a respect to the height of your ceiling. In case of any consultation, please contact us.

  • Dining room

The lowest point of your crystal chandelier (the pendant) should hang about 80 cm from the top of the dining room table. This is low enough complement your table settings, but high enough to be out of the way.

  • Living room and bedroom

Your crystal chandelier or wallbracket should be hanged aproximatelly 190 – 220 cm from the floor in the most rooms. That is enough for walking under them and for lighting up your room in a very nice way. How many lights should I choose? By experience crystal chandeliers with 6-8 lights are suitable for smaller rooms. We recommend here to use 40W bulbs for these smaller ones, because these bulbs much more shine your crystal chandelier and smooth your room. If you decide for chandelier with 12 and more lights, you should consider to use 25W bulbs, but it depends on your own. We have good experience with using the dimmers for your crystal chandeliers. If you like different variantions of lights, using dimmers is a good idea for you.


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