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Welcome to our websites. Our company offers you traditional czech crystal products. Ordering is very simple and quick. In case of any questions, please don't hesitate and contact us on: info@ecrystal.cz


E-crystal company engages in selling traditional Czech crystal chandeliers and crystal parts through the Internet. Our company reassumes on plentiful family tradition going down to the last century 70s, when Mr. Jaroslav Lucky was involved in the foundation of crystal chandelier production in Novy Bydzov. Our company tries to bring the beauty and quality of Czech crystal products near to our new customers through the Internet sales. E-crystal company are based in a small Czech town with huge tradition in Bohemian glass manufacture. We want to offer you high quality, mainly hand-cutted crystal products that are still manufactured in northern Bohemia with the same technologies in maintainance of very strict standards and good prices for a long decades.

Our e-shop offers you over 80 different products divided to several type production ranges. All these crystal products are well established due to longstanding cooperation with our carefully chosen suppliers. Our main goal is to give the opportunity to take up with our crystal products for new customers who are not familiar with uniqueness of  Czech crystal yet and we believe that they won’t be disappointed. If you enjoy and are interested in our products, don’t hesitate and please contact us. We are very pleasured if you will become our new customer or business partner.

Our e-shop is there only for you, you can send us your order, enquiry or just queries. On the ground of our made-to-order sales, please note that all information on our websites are informative and the whole business stands on mutual agreement. Be so kind and place your order without worry, we will contact you during 2 working days from the date of ordering by e-mail with all details about shipping, delivery and payment conditions etc. In case you need more information about our crystal chandeliers or parts don’t hesitate to contact us here. We are looking forward to your queries.


E-crystal - Martin Lucky
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504 01 Novy Bydzov
Czech republic

Mobile phone: +420737160288

e-mail: info@ecrystal.cz